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How I can help...

The Autistic Teacher is a full time teacher, but offers some services around school hours


Mandy is a public speaker and trainer sharing insights on autism from a professional and personal level. Mandy has spoken at many previous events and conferences for corporate groups and smaller organisations. 

Mandy charges £250 for a 1 hour speaking engagement plus expenses.


Some people just want to chat about their own situation, for ideas or just to speak to someone who 'gets it'. Mandy is happy to talk to you.

A 30 minute chat by phone or zoom is £20.

Autism Parenting Course

Our Autism Parenting course will support you in your journey parenting an autistic child by helping you to understand autism and equipping you with a toolkit of strategies and ideas to help both you and your child. The course is in 3 parts - 1 and a half hour sessions over 3 weeks. Please email for details of the next course available. £39 for the course.

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