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Autism and Vulnerability: An Autistic Teacher's Perspective

Autism and Vulnerability: An Autistic Teacher's Perspective

When I received my autism diagnosis, along with many positive feelings was the feeling of vulnerability. Autistic individuals can be more vulnerable for a variety of reasons. As an autistic teacher, I feel it is crucial to explore and discuss these vulnerabilities to help support others and build understanding.

Social Communication

Firstly, challenges with social communication and understanding social cues may make it difficult for some autistic individuals to effectively advocate for themselves. We may struggle to know who to speak to or how to communicate when in uncomfortable or unsafe situations. This can make us more susceptible to being taken advantage of or mistreated. Personally, I am always aware of the possibility of a shutdown or becoming situationally mute.

Moreover, some autistic individuals may have difficulty discerning the intentions and motivations of others, potentially leading to exploitation or manipulation. I tend to take people at face value, which can mean I am too trusting. I believe in people… it’s so sad that this is something that can leave us vulnerable.

Sensory Differences

Sensory differences may make certain environments or situations overwhelming or distressing, which can increase vulnerability. For example, crowded or overstimulating environments could lead to sensory overload, making it harder for us to process and respond to potential risks.

Lack of Accommodations

Another factor contributing to the vulnerability of autistic individuals is the potential for limited access to appropriate support and resources. Many of us require specific accommodations or support to navigate certain situations, and without these, we may encounter increased vulnerability.


There is a higher number of co-occurring mental health conditions among autistic individuals, such as anxiety and depression, which can further exacerbate vulnerabilities. Many of us struggle with anxiety whether it is diagnosed or not. This can impact our ability to cope with stressful or challenging situations, potentially increasing vulnerability.


It's important to note that vulnerability among autistic individuals is not solely down to us, but also due to societal factors, including misunderstandings and stigma surrounding autism. Misconceptions and negative attitudes towards autism can lead to discrimination, exclusion, and a lack of understanding, all of which contribute to increased vulnerability.

What Can We Do?

In order to address the vulnerability of autistic individuals, it's crucial to prioritise the development of support systems and resources tailored to our specific needs. This includes educating and promoting an understanding and acceptance of autism, as well as the provision of accommodations to ensure equal access and participation in various aspects of society.

Overall, the vulnerability of autistic individuals can be attributed to a combination of factors, including social and communication challenges, sensory differences, limited access to support, and societal attitudes. By addressing these factors and implementing measures to better support and understand autistic individuals, we can work towards reducing vulnerability and ensuring their well-being and safety.

For My Neurokin…

Being autistic can sometimes bring vulnerability, as it may involve navigating social situations and sensory experiences differently than others. However, it's important to recognise that vulnerability is a universal human experience, and it's okay to seek support and understanding when we feel vulnerable, regardless of our individual characteristics or neurodiversity. Remember that vulnerability doesn't diminish your worth or strength, and reaching out for help when needed is a courageous act that can lead to greater understanding and support.

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