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What is Autism?

Diversity in Human Nature

We are all different and that is a beautiful thing. Some differences are visible while some are invisible. The way we see and experience the world is also different. There is no right way or wrong way… we just experience things differently. Our brains all work differently. That’s why some of us are good at things like maths… and some of us are more artistic!

A Glimpse into the Autistic Brain

Some of us have an Autistic brain. It’s our ‘neurotype’ This might affect our senses and communication. An Autistic brain is always on the go and picks up extra details that others might miss. This gives us a unique perspective! But this can also make the world a bit overwhelming. We can also miss things that others hear and see… and that can be confusing!

Embracing Autism

I’m proud to be Autistic. It’s what makes me, me! Autism is a neurological difference, a diverse way of being human. There is nothing wrong with me, there is nothing broken. I see, hear, experience the world in an autistic way. While Autistic people share some similarities we are also very, very different. We are ALL unique and that is a beautiful thing.

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1 Comment

Hi Mandy,

I really resonate with your blog posts. I recently had a discussion with my therapist today about autism and neurodiversity, I hadn't considered the fact that I might be autistic, and to be honest have no idea where to start with researching it.

I mentioned that due to a family history of bipolar disorder, i figured i must have been suffering from that, however she mentioned that neurodivergent women often get misdiagnosed with bipolar, and autism may "fit the bill' better. They are first assessing me for bipolar, just so they know if they can rule out that diagnosis.

do you have any content that you could suggest that may be helpful in developing a baseline understanding of…

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